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Business License Fees are due and payable prior to the start of a new business. Renewals of business licenses is done online at I hereby certify the information given above is true and correct, and understand that the Town of Little Mountain, at its discretion, may see or obtain copies of State and Federal tax records for verification.
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Apply for an initial business license online.  Complete a renewal application by mail.  Renewal notices are sent out in April and due by May 30.

By mail, complete an application and submit with payment to Town of Little Mountain, P O Box 154, Little Mountain, SC 29075.

Applicants for renewal will report gross receipts for previous calendar year.  Businesses with offices located within the Town of Little Mountain must report gross receipts as collected including amounts collected outside of the town unless there is a license fee paid to another municipality.  Businesses whose offices are located outside of the Town of Little Mountain but who do business within the Town of Little Mountain must report only the gross collected with the town limits.  Contractors whose businesses are located outside of the town limits but perform work within the Town of Little Mountain must report based on the contracted price of the work to be performed.

Licenses for the current year are due and payable by May 30.  Late penalties for payments received after May 30 will be accessed as follows: After May 30 -3%, after June 15- 10%, after June 30-15%. 

For assistance, please call 803-605-8777.